Rebound Weekend


As you start packing, don’t forget Rebound Weekend.  Watch for email messages and other forms of social media from the Rebound Coordinator.
Outbound Students of District 5020 returning from their exchange year are expected to attend our Rebound Weekend. It will be an opportunity for students to share their recent experience and resolve, through discussion
with the other students and professional consultants, any adjustment issues that can occur with their return to home.  The cost of this meeting was pre-paid by you with your Outbound Fee.



Seabeck Conference Center, 13395 Lagoon Dr NW, Seabeck, WA 98380 (360) 830-5010 


August 10-12, 2024

Please Bring

One of our age old traditions is sharing candy from your host culture. Please plan to bring enough for 24 people to try.

For Parents

We will be holding a parent session on Saturday afternoon. The session will end after dinner on Saturday. Parents are then released for the rest of the weekend.
For more information please click here
Please contact Jennifer Minich for more information.
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