Take a Summer Trip with Coastal Current Adventures (formerly https:// www.islandescapades.com/) come explore, kayak, climb, swim, walk thru an old growth forest, get your survival game and more in Ruckle Provincial Park on beautiful Salt Spring Island off Vancouver Island BC, Canada. Experienced staff provide fun, safe, exciting, educational and challenging activities while sharing their knowledge of and love for the environment, teaching the intricate balance within the ecosystem.


June 24 - 28 June 2018
24 June travel to - 25, 26, 27 Salt Spring Island - 28 June travel home
REGISTRATION  C L O S E S     F R I D A Y,   A P R I L  20th, 2018!
Please consider theses dates when booking return flights home
- Camp will run with a minimum 8 students -


Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada - Ruckle Provincial Park

Weekend Agenda

The following is a summary agenda for the entire session and may change without prior notice: 
24 June Sunday - Travel Day
 US students:
 Depart Port Angeles
 5:20pm MV Coho - pack dinner or purchase on board
 Arrive Victoria
 6:50pm - pickup/overnight Vic Rotarians
 CA students + students N of Victoria: Arrangements to be made w/YEO’s & Host Families to   overnight closer to Crofton-Saltspring ferry.
28 June Thursday - Departure Breakdown camp, pack-up, cleanup, breakfast load van & gear, head to ferries -
US & Vic students:
Depart Fulford Harbour      7:50am
Arrive Swartz Bay                  8:25am
Arrive MV Coho                     9:30am
Depart MV Coho                   10:30am
Arrive Port Angeles               12:00pm
CA students:
Depart Vesuvius                  9:20am
Arrive Crofton                      9:45am
Rotarians and/or Host Families will be organized for pickups & drop-offs.



- 25, 26, 27 June 2018 -

25 June Monday - Arrive Salt Spring Island:

A) Victoria & US students driven to Saltspring Isl. ferry terminal at Swartz Bay

Depart: 9:00am walk-on ferry to Fulford Harbour

Arrive: 9:35am Fulford Harbour

Camp staff meet ferry, transports group to Ruckle Provincial Park


B) CA students driven to Saltspring Isl. ferry terminal at Crofton

Depart: 8:45am walk-on ferry to Vesuvius

Arrive: 9:10am Vesuvius

Camp staff meet ferry, transports group to Ruckle Provincial Park

- Set-up tents & create camp -

Survival skills & games, learn to climb, climbing, kayak clinic on fresh water lake,

ocean kayaking, swimming, camp fires, cook pit, breakfast, dinners, meals by the beach,

intertidal interpretive walks, coastal salish edible plants, old growth forest walk . . .















$525.00 CAD ($417.00 USD)
•       Transportation - ferries to & from Saltspring Island
•       Food - fabulous meals mostly all organic grown on Saltspring Island,
•       3 days of Full programming  & equipment with Full-time Guides/Instructors
•       Shower facilities when @ fresh water lake
•       Tents
•       Transportation - MV Coho ferry fare, $37.00 USD round trip for US students
•       Sleeping bag & mat/pad - they can be rented, see Packing List
•       Guitars or musical instruments
•       Snacks while traveling to & from Saltspring Island
Student VISAS & PASSPORTS are required to enter & leave US/Canada border
In order to be registered you must complete and return the following forms and payment
by F R I D A Y,   A P R I L 20th, 2018!
a) COMPLETE - 4 attachments
The first 3 (three) required forms. Read, initial & date #4
3. Youth Informed Consent 2018                        
i) Cheques: made out to Rye D5020
ii) Forms: email to Becky bfontaine@wamail.net and/or Ron fisherrk@telus.net
CA students post payment of $525.00 CAD to:
Ron Fisher
2725 Keats Road
Campbell River, BC V9W 1R8
US students post payment of $417.00 USD to: Becky Fontaine
3125 East K Street
Tacoma WA 98404
The Rye Summer Trip Pack List 2018 attached:
Our hosts, Coastal Current Adventures, have kindly provided all campers a very complete and thorough list of exactly what to bring on your trip. Please read carefully and share with your Host Parents as soon possible. Several specific items, may need begging or borrowing, please do not leave till very last minute!
Students & Host Parents
- please initial & date bottom of pg. 2 to indicate list has been read & return w/other forms
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